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an actual entry! [Nov. 24th, 2004|08:06 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

Well, as I've gotten closer to the impending arrival of Baby X, I've had less and less time to think about blogging or, well, anything. Although I have actually been sewing like a fiend (it's ony of the few things that relaxes me right now). No time to post pics and info, but the ever-growing pile includes: two chenille/flannel blankets (one for a new nephew, one for Baby X); one fleece/satin blanket; a ton of fleece hats (thanks to my new and awesome serger!); a fleece snowsuit; a whole stack of sheets for her co-sleeper (micro-fleece and flannel, which they don't even make -- all that's available are not-so-great cotton ones for $16 or more); mattress pads for her co-sleeper; diaper doublers; changing pads; lap pads; a load of super-cute burp cloths (Evan said "those are too cute for her to puke on!); a couple extra receiving blankets (I think I had enough already, but...odd squares of flannel + serger = more blankets!); a fleece-lined sling; and I think there was more although I can't remember at the moment. When/if I get the chance I want to post photos, though!!

Until then, if anyone's actually ever checking, don't freak out if all the graphics vanish sometime soon. My paid account status is ending, and between the fact that I don't have time to post here, and I do actually have a main blog to write on, I don't want to spend any $$ (that could, after all, be better used buying cute little tiny pink socks!) right now. When I do start posting stuff again, either I will move all my sewing/knitting project info over to jinjur.com, or I'll pay up again and restore all my cute design stuff. Well, I think it's cute, anyway.

As far as knitting goes, I haven't wanted to test the waters there...but, I am doing much better with the whole knitting=nausea thing. A couple months ago, just looking at a knitting magazine or bunch of yarn made me start feel crappy (I'm not kidding at all) and now I can look at magazines and patterns and yarn and things again. But I think I'll put off actually trying to knit for a while longer, just in case I'm not over my bad association with it. I am looking forward to knitting baby things soon, though! Partly because they're so cute and they'll be for my baby. Partly, I confess, because they're tiny and they'll get done so much faster!!! And of course, I have to have fun dressing her now, because it won't be long before she's dressing herself and I won't be able to indulge myself any more...

From: tuliptoe
2004-11-25 03:02 am (UTC)
Hey honey!! I have missed you! :)

If you need any baby clothes, PLEASE let me know. We are growing out of everything on hand. Tess is HUGE baby. :) 95% in height, 90% in weight...lordie pete. So I have a ton of 0-3 and 3-6 month stuff.
Hugs and love to you and E! I hope your knitting can commence soon, I promise you will still have some time after she's here. It just won't come until she's like 4 months old! :)

Much LOVE! :)
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[User Picture]From: jinjurknits
2004-11-26 06:05 pm (UTC)


I'd be happy to take baby stuff off your hands, especially since I'm very lacking in the 3-6 month range and am expecting (not medically expecting, just personally expecting, if you know what I mean!) a big baby. I was over 9 lbs myself (eek!!) Email me!!
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